About me

  Hello! I’m Gary, and I’m a 17 year old from San Jose, California. I am a 12th grade student currently studying at Harker. Six years ago, I first started playing with robots. Six years later, I have designed and built competition bots with friends at school, worked on my own personal projects, and worked with professionals in the industry to fulfill their robotic needs. My work revolves around finding ways to use my skills in CAD design, coding, and mechanical fabrication to alleviate environmental ills. Feel free to take a look at what I’ve done in this site!


  1. Futuredial Universal Robot Automation - The market leading company that provides robot automation solutions for renewable electronics. I worked on a 6-DOF Robot Simulation and software control with an Optimized Path Algorithm and Computer Vision.
  2. OpenCV Ironoak Library - Through Google’s Summer of Code program, I worked with developers from OpenCV to create a computer vision toolkit for FRC robotics teams with Python, Java and Linux.


  1. OpenCV Farm Robot
  2. Smart Sorting Trash Can

Robotics Teams

  1. FIRST Robotics Competition - FRC 1072 Harker Robotics, Mechanical Lead
  2. FIRST Tech Challenge - FTC 11311 Team Paragon, Vice Captain


  • Java, Python
  • RoboDK simulation, Universal Robot Script
  • Pixhawk, Ardupilot, Robot Kinematics
  • OpenCV , TensorFlow/Neural Network